Lunch Menus

Logging In:

​It is most important you keep the office up to date with your correct mobile phone number and email address at all times, as the online system uses these details for the logging in process.


What happens if I book meals for my child and they are then off sick?
Registers will be cross referenced daily so any dinners booked in advance for children who are absent through illness will have their account automatically credited by the office.

What if I do not have internet access?
We can provide a paypoint slip for you to make payments at local shops who offer the paypoint service. The nearest to the school are “McColls” and “That’s The Spirit” in Great Clacton, “Woodlands Stores” in Woodlands Close and “ASDA” in Oxford Road. ​You can search for more at and simply enter your postcode.

What if I forget to book a meal for my child?
We do suggest pre-booking on a Sunday for the coming week.  Any urgent dinners booked via the office by 9.30am and must be paid at the time of ordering.

Schoolmoney Account Service

We operate a cashless system at our school. We use a service for payment provided by School Money. You will need log in details which can be obtained at the school office. The first time you log in you will be given a tutorial to guide you, so there will be support available until you get used to it. This user guide can be re-accessed at any point from the side menu, by clicking on help. The service will enable you to have full control of ordering your children’s meal choices from our current menus.

All chargeable clubs, trips, tuck shop and school dinners must be booked in advance via SchoolMoney.

​You will be unable to incur arrears, so please avoid asking the office to book anything without payment being made.

Each school meal costs £2.40 (a whole week’s meals (five lunches) total £12.00). School meals can be pre-booked up until midnight the day before your child would like one. We would suggest booking at the weekend for the week ahead.

Free School Meals

For those entitled to Free School Meals – You are also required to log in and book your children’s lunches from the menu. We would suggest booking these on a Sunday for the whole of the coming week.

* If your child has any special dietary requirements, please can you inform us as soon as possible.