At Great Clacton CofE Junior School, our children take end of Key Stage 2 tests in reading, maths and grammar, punctuation and spelling. A teacher assessment of each child’s writing in Year 6 is also submitted.

We think that outcomes at the end of KS2 are an indicator of school success but do not tell the whole story. SATs do not measure whether our children demonstrate our Core Christian Values, whether they are a talented musician or artist or whether they are the next Mo Farrah!

You can see how our school compares with other schools nationally in SATs but we would always encourage visits to the school to look at all the other areas that children excel in under our care and guidance.

KS2 Results

KS2 Results
Reading age related expectations68%82%53%
Reading greater depth15%23%12%
Reading pupil premium58%74%37.5%
Average scaled score104.4100.4
Writing age related expectations69%80%78%
Writing greater depth7%13%15%
Writing pupil premium62%61%68%
GPS age related expectations75%77%78%
GPS greater depth23%30%27%
GPS pupil premium69%65%68%
Average scaled score104.5104.9
Maths age related expectations71%74%70%
Maths greater depth14%12%20%
Maths pupil premium65%57%50%
Average scaled score102.6103.2
Combined age related expectations51%69%53%
Combined greater depth3%5%10%
Combined pupil premium38%52%38%